Top 10 Best Caravans

If you're in the hunt for the best caravan on the market, with no particular restriction on price or size, here are the top 10 best caravans on sale in Australia.

New Age Jewel

When it comes to all-round capability, the New Age Jewel is one of the best on sale. It's built here in Australia, in Melbourne, and it's filled with pretty much every creature comfort that you need. Highlights include a full ensuite bathroom, TV, air-conditioning, LED lighting, double-glazed windows, a big kitchen with a 184-litre fridge, and even a slide-out BBQ for the exterior. It's wonderfully built and provides exceptional off-road protection with lots of steel plating.

Jayco Journey

In the more modest market segment the Journey stands as one of the best value propositions around. It features a modern independent suspension layout underneath, and inside it's all about practicality and comfort. You get a neat ensuite at the back of the interior, with a convenient kitchen area and an L-shape sitting facility with decent-size benching. There's also plenty of on-board amenities, such as a four-burner cooktop (one electric, three gas), a 150-litre fridge, microwave, and a sophisticated JTECH independent suspension system ensuring optimum ride control.

Paradise Castaway

From the maker of great motorhomes, Paradise has turned to caravans for the first time with the Castaway. The company has a lot of experience with mobile living and it shows in the Castaway. Pure comfort and luxury is seen in every aspect. The company has gone to extra lengths to ensure a quiet and well-insulated living environment by using composite materials for the floor and walls, made with eco-friendly foam and interlocking fire-resistant panelling. It's an elegant van to behold as well, with an aerodynamic nose and two-tone colouring. Inside comes with everything a modern caravan offers. It is one of the more expensive options, predictably.

Bushtracker Family

This 6.4-metre caravan is perfect for travelling around the entire country. It's fully prepared for heavy off-road use and it comes with all of the modern conveniences (and more) that are available in today's market. It uses a tandem axle load independent suspension setup capable of conquering serious terrain, and an on-board 1800-Watt inverter and AGM battery system and charger. Inside is fitted out with quality wood, four-burner cooktop and over underneath, and a whopping 220-litre fridge.

Aussie By Design Humpback Smart Van

It's a lot to take, and not just the name. This is the majestic cruiser for those that are after utter packing and practicality. It's huge inside, with an abundance of storage solutions inside and out, while underneath is 6-inch DuraGal platform with a timber frame and aluminium body. Living inside is similar to living in an apartment; it's huge for a van. And it's complimented by a large centre window which allows you to take in the vistas presented during your journeys.

Lotus Vogue

The Vogue is the bright and friendly option. It's big inside with large windows letting in a lot of light, while the decor tones are vibrant yet easy on the eye. Did we mention the size? No? Well, it's 7.97 metres, which is gigantic. This means the living space is open and easy, with a comfortable dinette area, a 186-litre fridge (with two doors), with full bathroom and laundry facilities, including a washing machine. As a bonus, its 2280kg tare weight means it doesn't require a truck to tow it - a large SUV will do.

Jayco BaseStation Outback

With a name incorporating words such as 'BaseStation' and 'Outback', it doesn't take long before you realise this is a proper high-end caravan. It is designed for extended travel, and it's capable of venturing to all parts of Australia. Length measures 8.4 metres and weight tops at 2320kg, which means it does require a fairly serious SUV or 4x4 ute to tow it. We don't need to tell you how reputable the Jayco brand is, it has been building caravans for decades and it has now formed itself an extensive knowledge base for benchmark engineering, comfort, and practicality. All of this is poured into the Outback.

Jayco Sterling

It is literally one of the flagship caravan offerings in the Jayco showroom. This means it comes packed with features, such as a washing machine, large kitchen dinette with a fold-away table, a 186-litre fridge, toilet and shower facilties, and a full Pioneer sound system with a flat-screen TV and DVD player. There's also plenty of storage options, a roomy bedroom, and a wide-spread use of quality materials. It weighs 2458kg.

Evernew Caravans E1000

Designed to be a home away from away, this is a another great grand caravan for extensive holidays with the whole family. It's a fairly new model and it's kitted out with some modern conveniences, like an oven and grill top, separate shower and toilet, huge bedroom and living areas, good bench tops, and a 186-litre fridge. Underneath, the E1000 rolls on a hot-dipped galvanised chassis with a wooden Meranti frame, and tandem axle beam suspension. You do have to pay a premium price for all of this, of course.

Coronet XT1

Rounding out the top 10 is the XT1. We love it's simplicity, ease-of-use, practicality, and price. It's well-built by a brand that has been around for decades. It's made in Australia, and comes with a proper off-road setup underneath, with Control Rider trailing arm independent suspension, electric brakes, and even switchable stability control. It's not designed to be the largest van, however, it's packaged together like one. There's a 175-litre fridge, decent sitting area and lounge, a queen-size bed, and a full ensuite at the back with toilet and shower facilities. A perfect option for couples wanting to travel in superb comfort and convenience.

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