Top 10 Best Offroad Caravans

If you're looking to get outdoors for your next holiday and enjoy some of Australia's more isolated areas, you need a good offroad caravan. Here are to top 10 best offroad caravans currently on the market.

1. Retreat Hamilton Offroad

The Hamilton Offroad is one of the best all-rounders in terms of space, practicality, comfort, and price. It comes loaded with plenty of nicknacks too, with a common bedroom layout at the back with integrated bathroom facilities. There's also a generous kitchen area and good bench space with an oven and pull-out pantry, European-style CNC-formed furniture, and a washing machine for longer trips. The raised up body and four off-road wheels and tyres get you through rugged terrain with confidence.

2. Bushtracker 14ft Pop-Top

Perhaps one of the most rugged and ready options on the market, the Bushtracker 14ft Pop-Top is ready for just about anything. It offers ideal approach and departure angles and a superb high ride height. Underneath is a hot-dipped galvanised chassis with drawbar rails, which means it's strong and can withstand water crossings and serious terrain. To help provide a smooth ride the Bushtracker also comes with airbag suspension. If you want to explore the furthest corners of Australia, this is your caravan.

3. Goldstream TV Panther Series

Another one of the most capable offroad options you can get. The Goldstream goes a step further though and injects a bit of luxury and a lot of practicality into the RV. Underneath is a seriously robust platform with a laminated galvanised sheet metal floor which is attached to a 12mm marine-grade ply with complete water wading protection. Accommodation is impressive, with an on-board shower and toilet, and a kitchen at the front. It can be had in on-road and off-road forms. At the far end it can be pricey.

4. Trakmaster Kimberley Platinum Series

Anything named 'Platinum Series' has to be good, right? Fortunately, that is exactly why the name was given to this caravan. It offers a combination of comfort and convenience, and shows off some high-tech features. There's three solar panels, full 12V operation with a compressor fridge, LED lighting, and a reverse-cycle Dometic 3000+ air-conditioning system. It's built to last as well, with a strong and very robust frame underneath, with good ground clearance and departure angle. You do have to pay for this level of accommodation though, with prices starting at around the $85k mark.

5. New Age Commando 20 Series

This is the ultimate in adventurous off-road accommodation. It sits at the top of the food chain in terms of build quality, equipment, space and comfort, and ability. Underneath lies one of the most comprehensively armoured platforms available in the commercial caravan market. Everything from the gas lines to the water tank is all protected by heavy-duty checkerplate. In terms of features, there is a long, long list. To name a few, you get LED lighting, roof-mounted Cooper spare tyres, a reversing camera, a TV mount and VAST-certified HDMI set-top box, and plenty of 12V sockets. The Commando 20 Series even comes with stability control.

6. Sunland Blue Heeler

You could call this the Toyota of the offroad caravan world. It's dependable, practical, well-equipped, and built with a track-proven record. The chassis is a composite setup made from marine-spec aluminium and galvanised steel for good structural integrity, reliability and lightness. Inside is filled with everything you need including a bathroom, fully furnished kitchen and 215L fridge, with a double bed with loads of storage options around the place. As a bonus it offers excellent ground clearance with equally impressive approach and departure angles.

7. SLR 1900 Premium Offroad

The SLR 1900 is another great all-rounder. It's built to last, using a strong frame-on-chassis setup with fibreglass panels, a Hitch-Ezy 360-degree hitch, and a set of Toyota steel wheels wrapped in proper offroad tyres. There's also two spares on the back and a ladder. In terms of technology you get three 135-Watt solar panels along with a Honda 2kVA back up generator. Practicality is one of the SLR's fortes, with German-made interior fixtures, a 150-litre fridge-freeze to support extended remote stays, along with a special drinking water tap at the sink. You can always stay up to date with the 22-inch LCD TV and 3G internet support. As far as 19ft vans go, the SLR is a prime, self-sufficient, and high quality piece of equipment.

8. On the Move Grenade

Okay, see here is the Swiss Army Knife of offroad caravans. This has the lot, including a flip-out outdoor BBQ, an enclosed bathroom including a shower and toilet, and a clean and crisp kitchen and eating area with a stainless steel sink and 258-litre frigde-freezer. On the outside the lower section of the body is lined with heavy-duty checkerplate for maximum protection, while up above is a modern multi-tone body. It's not the largest van out there but it's extremely well-made with great ground clearance and a nice modern character.

9. Kerden Top Ender

Built by one of the most trusted offroad caravan brands, the Top Ender is ready to pack up and tour Australia whenever you are. The interior has the friendliness and homeliness of a family room in a house, with all amenities to support a long outback holiday. Storage solutions are everywhere, including deep bins accessed from the exterior, and large cubby holes under the bed and bench seats inside. There's also three deep-cycle batteries in the boot to keep all of your systems working and three 135-Watt solar panels for extra juice.

10. Trakmaster Pilbara

The Pilbara is the company's mid-range off-road pop-top van, offering outstanding off-road ability with that trademark steep departure angle body cutaway at the back. It uses a custom design with unique impact-resistant Tebbs padding for the important lower bits of the body. The ride is plush thanks to an optional airbag suspension setup or a long-travel Sugarglider trailling arm independent configuration. It comes with everything you need inside, including a full kitchen and oven and fridge, and an on-board ensuite with shower and toilet facilities. If you're planning a trip around Australia, including adventurous journeys to some of the more remote areas, be sure to check out the Pilbara.

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